Behrend Trilogy


Genevieve Behrend had insight most people would love to develop. The Genevieve Behrend Trilogy is all 3 of her books combined into one. Your life can change by reading these 3 books want to improve your life and dreams.

Your Invisible Power

Behrend says, “We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realize that for a cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind.”

Attaining Your Desires

“What I wish particularly to convey to you within these pages is the methodof scientific right thinking, and to awaken in you the desire to try to use thismethod in order to form the habit of thinking ONLY the thoughts you wish to seecrystallized in a worthy achievement or result.”

How To Live Life and Love It

“The purpose of this series of personal-pointer Lessons, which are herein compiled into one volume, is to indicate in a clear, concise way “the natural principles governing the relation between the creative action of all thought-power and material things,” i.e., circumstances and conditions.”

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