Yellow Fairy…


The following are three fairy tales that allow children to let their imagination run wild and lessons in life to be learned. Some of the lesser known fairy tales but great children’s bedtime stories.
  •  The Enchanted Glass Mountain
  • The Magical Glass Axe
  • The Golden Crab
From the Yellow Fairy Tale Book by Andrew Lang and updated with illustrations.

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The Enchanted Glass Mountain

On a glass mountain grew a tree with golden apples. An apple would let the picker into the golden castle where an enchanted princess lived.  Does anyone succeed?  Read to find out.

The Magical Glass Axe

How does the glass axe affect the Prince?  Read more to find out.

The Golden Crab

One day a fisherman, who had a wife and three children, caught a golden crab with the rest of his fish.  How does this Golden Crab affect their lives?  Read to find out.

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